Another evocative description by wine writer and importer Terry Theise

 The lyrical side of Mr. Theise, reflecting on the deeper side of the wine tasting and writing experience, aided by a Val d’Aosta wine called Souches Mères, from winemaker Giulio Moriondo of the small estate ViniRari.

" When you taste a wine like this, you learn something certain: Such a thing doesn’t just happen. Who knows what accord exists between these 106-year-old vines and the ground in which they live? It is easy to imagine Giulio walking deliberately through the vineyard, observing, listening. You can taste it, not by knowing where to look, but by understanding the overtones that peal around a wine so hale, so gentle and affectionate. You bring to them a calmness you may not have known was in you. You sit in the kindness of your friend’s table, and yet the wine takes you elsewhere .. "

Terry Theise, in ‘What Do We Talk About When We Talk About Wine’ — in latest issue of World of Fine Wine, # 39